Design Management Tools: Collaborate, Organize, Track, and Manage Expenses

Design Management Tools

Design projects can be complicated, especially if there are multiple stakeholders involved. In order to make sure that everyone is on the same page, it’s important to use a project management tool that enables real-time collaboration and feedback.

Frontify provides digital asset storage for UI elements and provides a consistent layout that helps designers to onboard quickly. This tool also supports collaborative review and approvals.

1. Collaborate with your team

If you are working on a design project, collaborating with your team is essential. It helps ensure that everyone has the same understanding of what needs to be done and when, which can reduce misunderstandings and other problems.

There are a number of design collaboration tools that can help you work together with your team. Some of these include Basecamp, Trello, and ClickUp. Each has its own unique features, but they all offer similar functionality:

Organize your projects with a variety of views including maps, workload, Gantt chart, and kanban boards. Customizable templates and workflows to make it easier for designers to manage projects.

Mockplus iDoc is an all-in-one design collaboration and handoff tool that can simplify your entire product design workflow. It allows you to import designs from Sketch, Photoshop, and Adobe XD, collaborate with developers in real time, and create specs and assets automatically. It also has a number of organizational tools, such as sticky notes, grouping, and voting.

2. Organize your projects

Managing design projects can be difficult, especially if you have multiple projects running at once. You need a way to keep track of all your tasks, collaborate with team members and clients and get a glimpse into the overall progress made on each project.

Invest in a tool that offers a visual project management approach with kanban boards, gantt charts and customizable templates. Then, you can organize your design project with ease. Make sure your tool also offers the capability to analyze your design process and identify bottlenecks using its reporting and data visualization features.

Some tools also offer the ability to document your design process and keep all UI elements in one place for reuse. This can be helpful when designing new UI components and for maintaining a consistent style across projects. For this purpose, you can opt for a comprehensive design system management tool like InVision DSM or Zeroheight. It can help you with everything from documenting best practices to providing version control and managing documentation.

3. Track your progress

The best design management tools can help you balance creativity with project management. They will allow you to organize your work, track your progress, and ensure that your team stays on task. They are also a great way to stay in touch with your teammates.

Using these tools can help you create localized UX patterns and ensure consistency across platforms. Additionally, they can be used to create pattern libraries and improve design reuse. Some of these tools even support a drag-and-drop interface to make designing and developing new components much easier.

Some of the best tools for managing design systems include Filestage, Miro, and Zeroheight. These tools offer a variety of features, such as document organization, team collaboration, and video conferencing. Some of them also offer a full accounting system, which can be helpful for interior designers who need to keep track of their expenses. They also have a mobile app to make it easy for you to access your projects from anywhere.

4. Keep track of your expenses

If you’re a design professional, you know that tracking expenses is key to maintaining business profitability. Without it, you can easily go over budget or miss important project deadlines. Fortunately, there are many tools available that can help you keep track of your expenses.

Some are free, while others require a subscription. The best option for you depends on your needs. For example, if you need a tool that is more focused on project management and less on accounting, try Basecamp. This software can be accessed via the web and mobile devices. It can help you organize your projects, communicate with team members, and manage tasks.

Other options include ClickUp and Asana. Both are simple to use and have a wide range of features. They also offer a free plan and are compatible with most browsers. These tools are ideal for businesses that want to improve their productivity and efficiency. You can even track time and create checklists to make sure you’re completing tasks on time.

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Download Xilinx ISE Design Suite and WebPACK for free, and explore the advanced features of Vivado.

Xilinx Design Tools Download

Xilinx ISE Design Suite is a front-to-back HDL synthesis and implementation tool for Xilinx FPGAs and CPLDs. It also offers PS configuration and initialization code generation features. It is based on the Vitis IDE and utilities. It is succeeded by the Vivado Design Suite.

Start by downloading the ISE suite from Xilinx’s website. Once downloaded, run the self-extracting web installer and follow the prompts.


ISE WebPACK is a free, front-to-back downloadable programmable logic design solution that provides HDL entry and simulation, synthesis, implementation, device fitting and JTAG programming. It supports the Xilinx Spartan family of FPGAs and CPLDs and is available on Windows, XP, and Linux. The product is the industry’s most complete zero-cost design environment.

Xilinx has expanded the functionality of WebPACK with a new Process window that is more intuitive. The window allows designers to select the proper synthesis flow based on the HDL language used (ABEL, Verilog or VHDL).

Other features include a new I/O pin planning capability included in the PlanAhead environment and a floorplanning capability called ExploreAhead. Both are designed to help minimize the effects of minor changes at late stages in the design cycle and reduce re-implementation time. Additionally, SmartGuide and SmartPreview can provide users with intermediate implementation results so they can make trade-offs before proceeding to final placement and routing.

WebPACK ISE also includes a new version of Xilinx SmartCompile technology that cuts implementation runtimes by up to 6x while maintaining exact design preservation for unchanged logic. This enables designers to meet performance goals more quickly and reach design closure in less time.

ISE Simulator

ISE Simulator is a simulation tool that supports both RTL and behavioral level design. It provides back-annotated timing and is able to run both technology-independent and technology-specific designs. In addition, it can also read in AMD libraries and simulate them at a gate level. However, it is recommended that you use the pre-compiled AMD libraries for faster simulation performance.

The Xilinx ISE Design Suite version 10.1 features many improvements, including unified inter-tool integration. This feature allows EDK and System Generator modules to be added directly to the Project Navigator window. It also includes a new version of ISE Foundation software, which now offers full access to ISE SmartXplorer technology. SmartXplorer technology reduces implementation tool run times and improves the productivity of the design team.

After creating a project, the Project Navigator prompts you to set the project name and location. It also asks you to select a top-level source type. After selecting the source type, you can add a Verilog Module to your project. Then, you can specify the inputs and outputs of the module. When the synthesis is complete, you can view the RTL schematic. ISE will also create a skeleton test fixture. If the module is working correctly, the test simulation will display no errors. If there are any errors, the time of each error and the expected output will be displayed in the ISE console.


Vivado is the newest design suite from Xilinx. It provides a complete set of tools and functionality to design complex digital systems using Xilinx FPGAs and SoCs. Vivado includes synthesis, place and route, verification and simulation tools.

Compared to previous versions, the new Vivado has more advanced features and functionality. For example, the Vivado high-level synthesis compiler enables C, C++ and SystemC programs to be directly targeted into programmable logic devices. This increases developer productivity by up to 15x, reducing development costs.

Another useful feature is the Vivado IP Packager tool, which allows Xilinx customers, IP developers and ecosystem partners to turn a block of RTL into a reusable, programmable component called an IP core. This IP core can be stitched into a design using Vivado’s IP Integrator tool.

The Vivado software requires a host ID to function properly. This ID is unique to the machine on which it is installed and can be obtained in various ways, such as a MAC address, hard drive serial number or dongle ID. The host ID can also be used to activate licenses for Xilinx products and design tools. To activate a license, the host ID must be entered into the Vivado License Manager. Once it is entered, the Vivado application will be ready to use.

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