R-Design: Volvo’s Sporty Trim Level for a Personalized Look

What Does R Design Mean For Volvo Cars?

R-Design is Volvo’s way of giving buyers a sporty look without having to buy the full range top spec R variants. This is a clever move as not everyone wants or needs the brute power of an R car.

These cars combine a refined sports appearance with a lowered sport chassis and an impressive engine performance. They also feature great hugging side support in the new sport seat.

It’s a trim level

R Design is a trim level that gives vehicles a sporty look and a more engaging driving experience. It’s similar to the M Sport and Audi S line models that are available on BMW and Mercedes-Benz cars.

Many cars have several different trim levels, and each one offers different features and options. For example, a car with the Honda Civic R-Design may have different wheels and tires than a regular Civic. This makes it easier for shoppers to find a model that meets their needs and budget.

Volvo’s R-Design trim level is designed for drivers who want a sporty look without having to spend a lot of money on an actual performance vehicle. The R-Design package comes with a number of premium features, including leather seats, a sport steering wheel, and unique exterior styling. It’s also available on some of our most popular vehicles, such as the new Volvo XC40. You can learn more about this model by visiting us at Volvo Cars San Diego today.

It’s an upgrade

Not long ago Volvo had high-performance R variants of its S60 and V70 models, but they weren’t a great success. To make these vehicles more appealing to buyers, Volvo now offers an “R-Design” variant that includes larger wheels, a sportier suspension, and a number of styling tweaks. Unfortunately, these upgrades don’t add any extra horsepower to the car. That’s not to say that the R-Design is a bad idea. After all, it could help Volvo compete better with BMW, which offers a similar high-performance line of cars.

If you’re interested in seeing how the R-Design trim looks on a new Volvo at our Dallas showroom, contact us today. We’re happy to answer any questions that you might have! You can also schedule a test drive online to see which new Volvo models we have in stock.

It’s a sporty look

R-Design is Volvo’s way of giving their customers the option to personalize their car and make it more their own. It’s tailored to a younger customer segment that appreciates the added flair and exclusive nature of a sports-tuned vehicle.

These cars are also designed with sporty, eye-catching features such as a unique front grille design and gloss black inserts. They come standard with dynamic Ixion wheels and a lowered sport chassis for enhanced handling. They also come standard with the new sport seats and a sport steering wheel.

It is a good move by volvo to bring back this trim as not everyone wants a full performance orientated version of their cars like the 850 r which was awesome & not many people could afford it. They have however watered it down a bit too much & lost that edge, but it’s still better than just a regular boring Volvo. Especially if you’re buying a secondhand one!! .

It’s a performance upgrade

Not that long ago Volvo had high performance R variants of the S60 sedan and V70 wagon. These were fast and plush. They also looked a bit different from the boggo std versions. But these were not enough to make a mark in the market. So they watered them down and called them ”R-Design”.

This is just like Audi S-line, BMW M Sport etc. The manufacturers do this to boost sales & image. Not everyone wants a pure RS or R car. And that is fine. It is good for the brands to offer such options.

But if Volvo would put a proper R variant of the S60 T6 out there, it could do well in the market. It could be a great rival for the Germans. People buy more Golf Sportsline than the Golf R, more Scirocco Sportsline than the Scirocco R, and more Mercs with M-package than a proper Mercedes AMG. So Volvo should think about doing a proper R-design.

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